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Discover how students like you are Hacking their education, and using their school projects to build their ideas! In Hack Your Education, you embark on a journey of self discovery to identify and design a vision and strategy for your education, and future. Create your own “Hero's Journey” by developing a unique and exciting strategy to become a leader in your world, by the time you graduate.


Hack Your Education is not only about self discovery, it’s about making the most out of every classroom assignment while in school. Learn how to align every school project from you courses with you personal learning journey in order to utilize your research to write blogs, strategic plans and research papers that will help to brand yourself as experts in their future field.

  •  Develop a mindset for success and confidence
  • Turn your classroom into a laboratory for your ideas 
  • Learn the basics of integrating design thinking,
  • Entrepreneurial, Intrapreneurial, and Innovation skills
  • Personal Development and Career Development.

This program is a requirement for any student that wants to develop a strategy for their education based on something they truly love and are interested in and will provide them with the necessary financial literacy to be able to make their passion their profession.


What will you learn in the book:

How to turn your classroom curriculum into a laboratory for your ideas

  • Increase your confidence in yourself and your future
  • Discover your inner genius and create your own hero's journey
  • Develop your personalized learning plan and strategy
  • Learn social entrepreneurship and career development skills
  • Gain 21st Century skills necessary for success

Order Hack Your Education for Your Students (And Receive These Exclusive Bonuses)

  • Personal Visit From The Author: Jonathan Fritzler will present a short workshop for your students in person or on Skype
  • The Student Workbook: Your students will get a copy of the Hack Your Education workbook
  • Teacher Training: We will set up a individual training for your teachers over skype or in person, based on location
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