Build Your University Internship Pipeline To Access Top Talent

Learn how we help businesses build Internships, Fellowships, and Directed Research Programs to gain access to top university student researchers and future employees

Access the ideas and perspectives of millennials, while building long term relationships with universities and future employees.

The Future of Education: Your Company's University

Every department in an Educational Institution is a reflection of an industry, and students are creating research that can have a real impact, while building relationships with future employees.

Students need real-work experience with companies like yours, to build their resume, their professional connections, and their understanding of the changing workforce. Our goal is to find the best students, who are motivated, and can contribute quality ideas, research, and projects to your organization, while saving you money.

Students are required to complete Project-Based Learning assignments and engage with companies like yours. Our program aims to act as a liaison between you and the students to directly guide their research to ensure their projects are in alignment with the goals of your company.

Our innovative approach connects students with businesses to foster a new form of civic engagement, to find talented employees, and directly promote career opportunities to student talent.

Types of students you will work with:

  • Junior Engineer: Software, Web, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil
  • Design & Art: Graphic, Animation, Video, CAD
  • Business: Marketing, Management, Market Research, Business Plans
  • Creative Writing: Blogs, Social Media, Sales Copy, Technical Writing
  • Internships, Fellowships, and Directed Research Programs

The Future Of Education Is Creating Trends, Rather Than Adapting To Them


The Fall 2017 University Partnership Launch

Join us for the 2016-17 University Partnership Initiative. Leading tech companies from the Silicon Forest are teaming up with local university student rockstars to create innovative project ideas, and build strong relationships and resumes. Student can research emerging trends in your field, write blogs about your company, or design a new website.

We match relevant classrooms with your company's needs to find the right students for the job. In doing so, we aim to create lasting relationships with teachers to ensure a consistent flow of students, submitting project-based learning assignments to your company every semester.

Our companies achieve lasting results:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • New Hire & Talent Pipeline Development
  • Industry Based Research & Development
  • Internships, Fellowships, & Directed Research

Spring 2016 Students team up with companies in Amsterdam

Application Deadline October 27th

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Nike, Whole Foods, and Microsoft are investing millions into Education and Internships and Directed Research Programs.

Get Access To These Types of Projects

  • Junior Engineers

    • App Development
    • Computer Programming
    • Games Dev
    • Scientific or Engineering Research
    • Business, Medicine, Education, Aerospace
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Product Development
    • Invention
  • Digital Media & Graphic Design

    • Graphic Design
    • Production Artists
    • Web Design
    • UX/ UI design
    • Advertising Design
    • Layout Design
    • Digital Videography
    • Furniture Designer
    • Product Design
    • Special Effects
  • Business & Marketing

    • Business Plans
    • Feasibility Study
    • Market Research
    • Marketing Plan
    • Social Media Strategy
  • Creative Writing

    • Copy writing
    • Sales Copy
    • Editing
    • Technical Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Blog writing
    • Product Review/ Comparison

Program Based on our book: The Art of Establishing an Internship

  • Integrating Education Into Your Business Model
  • Research Discovery & Alignment
  • Company Curriculum Development & Design
  • Campaign Design & Implementation
  • Internships, Fellowships, and Directed Research Programs
  • University Internship Accreditation
  • Crowd Source Innovation, Research, and Ideas
  • Establishing Your Education Pipeline
  • Student Leadership and Effectiveness Trainings
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Discover how to integrate student driven research into your business to expand your marketing and R&D

Our team of Education Experts and Business Strategists develop innovative education programs to connect our clients with the best student researchers, based on their needs.

We help our clients design inspiring curriculum so students can fulfill their internship requirements and school research requirements with your company. This empowers talented students to produce research and developing projects based on your company's current needs.

Our expertise in Educational Consulting has proven to help expand our client’s capacity to develop new talent pipelines, and drive R&D at a very low cost. The following material is an overview of our program.



See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Students from the University of Applied Sciences, Law Program teamed up with our curriculum redesign initiative to use their Policy Law Project to address 2 of our greatest challenges: A high drop out rate, and a low number of participants involved in the international exchange program. Students were able to perform market research, issue a real survey of 300 students, and offer great ideas to two departments in our school.

Cilia Born
Cilia Born University of Applied Sciences

Once I heard about Education Energy, I knew it was perfect for my Wellness company. We are always looking for new ways to create real, validated research with our clients to produce blogs and research papers about the results of our services and they helped us create a registered program with the university's Cancer Research Center.

Iliana Ilieva
Iliana Ilieva Student of Life

Jonathan helped me identify a new social media strategy for how to launch a campaign for our newest product. We wanted to engage with a new demographic, and wanted to hear the ideas and perspective of the youth. They found us business and marketing students who were able to team up and launch the campaign. They did a great job.

Kevin Kraft
Kevin Kraft Tradewinds Global Trade Co.

I am so glad to see students taking the initiative to do this level of research on real challenges facing our community". “ The students started a blog and facebook campaign to raise awareness about our cities new police system and recent changes. They supported our city with the great ideas and research.

Liesbeth Spies
Liesbeth Spies Mayor of Stichtse Vecht