A New Kind Of Curriculum (Re)Design

What is it?

A design school for teachers, managers and other educational professionals who would like to co-create and develop their new curriculum.

Education Energy facilitates this process by innovative design labs, leading taskforces, creating prototypes, organizing expeditions and developing skills and competences of teachers who will start the new program with students.

There seems to be a lack of collective time to sustain developing education programs. In this Curriculum Design School, it is our ambition to stimulate co-creation, to translate social developments into programs and to strengthen the connection between students, schools and the workforce.

For whom:

For teachers, program designers, managers and other education professionals, who like to spend collective time to renew their courses and make their education future-proof.

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The Hack Your Education Curriculum

e² Curriculum (Re)Design

We help our clients future-proof their schools by aligning curricula with 21st century skills and competencies.

  • Process Design: Learn how to apply leading methodology in design thinking to create unique learning experiences for students.
  • Innovative Learning Environments: Turn your university classroom into an incubator for 21st century creators and entrepreneurs.
  • International Standards: Provide your students with the mindset needed to succeed in a global workforce.
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: We create partnerships between Departments. Explore new ways to inspire students to collaborate with their friends.
  • Multi Level Stakeholder Engagement: Discover the synergy of dialogue between students, teachers, examiners, community members, and business leaders.
  • Art of Hosting Training: Learn how this open sourced facilitation methodology can help your staff foster deeper learning environments

Hear what our past clients have to say

"Together with our staff and leading experts in education design, we are rebuilding our entire university curriculum from the inside out. The 21st century needs a new style of education, and with a 50% dropout rate in some studies, the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden needed to make a change. Education Energy played an important role in our first year Law School program. We wanted to find a way to build a strong relationship with students to increase enrollment and retention. The program helped us pilot a student-centric framework based on student's passions. Once students took ownership of their education, the energy in the classroom changed and students became inspired to be the change."

Cilia Born
Cilia Born Educational Advisor, University of Applied Sciences Leiden

"As a teacher and co-designer of the Hack Your Education Program, I was able to apply this framework to my own Law classroom. I found two companies (departments within the university) that wanted to work with students on real projects related to their current initiatives. The students selected which project to works on based on their personal interest and career goals. Teams performed market analyses, launched informational surveys, gathered primary market data, and created solutions to the company's challenges. My students presented their findings to their teachers and project providers and had good results." 

Chris Jan Geugies, Teacher & Education Innovator

"As one of the teachers and designers of the Hack Your Education program, I was immediately inspired by Jonathan and his message. In the past, I was becoming uninspired about my teachings, and my students were not engaged. I wanted to lead my classroom differently, and this was a solution so I jumped on board. We created a buzz on campus by launching the "Purpose Driven Education" campaign and visiting classrooms and sharing the inspiring message of the program, to raise awareness and find participants. Once the program opened up to students, we had a waiting list of participants who wanted to be involved, 20 were selected out of the 80 that applied."

Kirsten Diepenbroek
Kirsten Diepenbroek Law Professor, and Hack Your Education Teacher

"Our students were empowered to take ownership of the curriculum. They thoughtfully crafted their Education Strategies and presented them to the Board of Examiners for review. Freshmen students were challenged to argue their case, just like a Phd student. Now I am no longer the judge of their research, but rather a mentor for student success, and I am able to help them with their own ideas and build their dream."

Thijs Akkerman
Thijs Akkerman Board of Examiners Chair, University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Leiden

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