Make Your Passion Your Profession

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About the Master Class

If you are like most students- you have a dream to one day find a great job that makes lots of money, and gives you the freedom to do what you love. However most students wait until they graduate to start thinking about what they want for their future, and often times end up in jobs that are not aligned with their passion. In the past, a university degree was the key to landing a good job. However today the world is changing so so fast, and there is a new skill set needed to succeed in the 21st century.

In this program you will learn exactly how to turn your educational experience into a tool to create your future. Embark on a journey of self discovery to identify your passions and design a compelling vision for your future. Discover your own “Hero's Journey” by developing a unique education strategy to become a young leader by the time you graduate.

We will show you how to make the most out of every classroom assignment, by using them to build your big or small ideas. You will learn how to align your school projects with your personal learning strategy to write blogs, strategic plans, launch companies, create education programs, and to create your own personal brand.

With this new mindset toward education- every classroom becomes a laboratory for student ideas to be born, teams are formed, and projects are put into action! And it’s epic!!

Most students have a big vision for their future, but when it comes to school, they are overwhelmed with homework, required readings, and assignments. But what if there was a way that you could actually use that work to create your own career doing what you love, and be your own boss.

Have you ever spent hours working on projects that end of in the trash after they are graded? Do you want to create a real impact in this world and have fun doing it? Then Make Your Passion Your Profession is the way to do it.

Make Your Passion Your Profession Audio Book Master Class. This way you can plug in between classes and download a new mindset for success! (Its like when neo from the Matrix learns kung foo and how to fly a helicopter).

Learn The Simple Steps That Have Helped Thousands Of Students Turn Their Calling into a Career

"Honestly I think what you are teaching is the single most important thing that students need to be learning before they finish school."  Tina Brusely, High School Teacher

After 8 Years Integrating Classroom Research with Entrepreneurial Ideas …

…And hosting transformational workshops that get results, we’ve finally made the course that allows you to experience how to Make Your Passion Your Profession.

Education Energy is on a mission to activate student entrepreneurs and leaders to change the way we utilize education as a tool to build the future. We are accelerating the understanding of how to apply classroom assignments to the real world in meaningful ways.

We are doing our best to lead by example; we travel the world, build community, form deep and meaningful connections, we play, we grow, and love the life we have and the work we do...AND we want to show you how to do the same.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

This program helped me become more confident in myself, and my vision of the future. It gave me the courage to believe in my ideas and tell people about my vision. I learned how to utilize these ideas and turn them into projects. That it what I love the most about this program.

Fleur Prince
Fleur Prince Law Student, University of Leiden

It was really awesome to listen to this program between classes. It gave me a new perspective on my school and it helped me to actually create a strategy for my future.

Meghan Barrett
Meghan Barrett Phd Veterinary Student

This is the type of positive life-changing material I need to be reading and I am a little surprised on what an easy read it is so far, it's so entertaining!

Iliana Ilieva
Iliana Ilieva Student of Life

After completing this program I feel like I see opportunity everywhere. I have been able to use my research to build my business plan and write blogs. My teachers are super supportive of my vision, and I am on fire for the new vision of my future.

Tim Tousey
Tim Tousey Business Student

Here is what you will learn

  • Discover your Heroes Journey
  • How to write your own story, and create your future
  • How to Find Your Passion and Purpose
  • How to be a Leader and increase confidence.
  • Create your Education Strategy
  • Create Your Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • How to Create the future
  • How to Start your Business or Organization
  • How to build partnerships and find sponsors
  • How to build a product or service
  • How to Use your Homework to Build your Ideas